5 Tips To Prevent Falling For A Phishing Email

//5 Tips To Prevent Falling For A Phishing Email
Phishing attempts

As a result of the ongoing pandemic happening in the world currently, it has been recognised that there has been an increase in scammers who are trying to take advantage of the Coronavirus outbreak. Bunker don’t want you to fall for this!   

One of the techniques that scammers are undertaking is sending phishing emails. However, with the amount of emails that are being sent at this current time, regarding businesses’ policies and their stance on the COVID-19 situation, how can you be sure which emails are legitimate or not?   

Bunker have put together 5 simple tips on how to prevent falling for a scam email:   

  1. If you don’t recognise the email address, or the sender, then do not open the email   
  2. Do not click on hyperlinks in emails as these can be malicious hyperlinks or viruses  
  3. Do not open attachments that are sent via email 
  4. Never give anyone personal information via email   
  5. Do not forward emails – this will pass the scam onto someone else   

The above tips are to prevent cyber criminals from obtaining personal information about yourself, or your computer from being infected by malware.   

If you find yourself receiving these emails or have accidentally fallen for a scam, please contact us through our normal channels, servicedesk@bunker.technology. Despite the current situation, we are still open for business and are available to provide any support, help or information that you require.

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