//Making the case for cloud-to-cloud backup
Making the case for cloud-to-cloud backup

Good data management processes mean putting procedures, policies and checklists in place specific to SaaS applications. They could be focused on instances such as times of high-volume data or when users join and leave a company. Users should be thoroughly trained in order to understand the purpose of the application and the role the data plays in the success of the organisation. Passwords should always be robust and changed frequently. All of these measures help to minimize the instances when data is lost, however, none replace your data once it’s gone. That is why having an automated daily backup such as Datto’s Backupify solution can help businesses “set it and forget it” – and having some type of backup should be critical to your overall cloud strategy. The result is that your information is readily available when you need it, including in an instance of user error and deletion, allowing you to easily restore data with minimal business interruption.

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As we move into the information era, data becomes a foundational element of business. Data is collected, stored, and analysed allowing businesses to gain a new depth of insight into their customers and their habits with an endless amount of possibilities to grow their business in a smarter, more agile way. This data needs to be available around the clock to ensure the operational success of the business. Data that once lived in basements and backrooms is being moved to cloud-based servers and SaaS applications. Historically, data backup has always been a key component of any IT strategy – whether it was stored on floppy disks, duplicate servers, or in custom built applications. With this shift to the cloud, backup shouldn’t be taken out of the strategy; rather, it should be re-thought to be more adaptable and cost-effective – the same reason you moved to the cloud in the first place.

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