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With work becoming increasingly stressful, harder to organise and even more difficult to handle with the new digital and social age we are all currently witnessing, you would be right in believing we need a saviour. Sadly, Iron Man doesn’t exist in this world to impart his know-how and technical prowess upon Silicon Valley. However we do have one company which is going a step in the right direction: Microsoft. You may feel Microsoft is out of the loop and dated but trust me for the next few minutes to explain why this isn’t the case.

Microsoft has turned over a new leaf in the past few months. With the acquisition of Skype and Nokia, new designs for the majority of their products as well as a massive venture into hardware development, Microsoft are slowly but surely starting to become cool and relevant (although there will always be ‘haters’.) Many people do not realise that this change is not just occurring in the consumer environment but also in the business environment. Office 365 can be considered one of the biggest leaves on Microsoft’s new tree of tech.


365 degrees of collaboration

Office 365 was designed to make Microsoft Office, Outlook and Sharepoint available as an ‘online office’ readily accessible to the masses, anywhere, any time. Thrown into the deep end of a reliable computing platform, also made by Microsoft, Office 365 allows users to have secure 24/7 access to e-mails, calendars, contacts, office desktop applications, intranet sites and internet messaging all on the web. By the way, you can still work the conventional way as Office 365 can seamlessly integrate into many common platforms, devices and “offline” applications.

So how well does it work? Extremely well. How do I know? Because I’ve experienced it as a user and administrator for over six months! A typical week consists of me using every single element of Office 365 and it has not failed yet (touch virtual wood.)

Want to send a quick message to your boss? Use Office 365 Lync and send a cheeky IM message. Want to allow a new client to send you a file? Use Office 365 Outlook and let your client utilise part of your 25 GB e-mail inbox. Want cross-platform notifications so you don’t miss your meeting? Use Office 365 calendars and have a notification pop up on your phone, tablet, computer or all three. Want access to your company documents from any location if you forget your USB stick? Use Office 365 Sharepoint and host your documents on your company intranet or private and personal area for the discreet and important documents. The possibilities come really close to being endless. The circle of your technological life could start right here and right now!



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