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Windows 8 is finally here. Love it or hate it, it will definitely take some adjusting to. At BUNKER48 we have been flirting with the new Windows for a good few months now and have warmed to it considerably. Here is our top 8 tips to help you get started.

1. The Windows Key is the key
To maximise your experience with Windows 8 you need to get to grips with the Windows key.
Windows Key (Win) – Shows the start screen
Win + Tab – Switch between open apps
Win + Q – Search
Win + Z – Option to see all apps / Programs when on the start screen
Win + X – Show power user shortcut menu
Win + . – Snaps and cycles the current Windows 8 app to the side of the screen.

2. Remember it’s a completely new Windows
When you are using an app and want to change or close it you will see that there is no minimize or close button. To close an app click the top of the screen and drag downwards to the bottom of the screen, this will pause the app so you can pick it up from where you left off and choose another app.

3. Using Windows without the start menu
The biggest change with Windows 8 is that Microsoft has removed the start button and menu. Similar to the search feature in Vista and Windows 7, you can type what you wish to find at the start screen. You can also pin an app or program to the start screen; to do this right click the desired app or program and select pin to start.

4. Getting Windows 8 the way you want it
With the release of Windows 8 you still have the desktop view but also the start screen. When adjusting the tiles on the start screen you can right click on a tile and select to change the size, remove or even uninstall the app. To move the tiles around all you do is click and drag to the desired position.

5. Using the Hot Corners
Hot Corners are menus which are activated when you move your cursor over any given corner. In the bottom left corner is the start menu. You can cycle through the desktop and start screen with a single click. In the top left hot corner you can change to the previous app and moving the cursor downwards will show all the open apps.

6. Lucky Charms
A lot of Window’s key functions can be found in the ‘Charms bar’; this can be found by hovering on the bottom right corner of the screen.

7. Where are all my Programs and apps?
To find all of your programs you can use the Windows Key + Q or right click on the start screen and you will be given the option to view all apps.

8. Uninstalling
Since there is a difference to the start screen and desktop you may wonder how to remove any apps that are installed, especially when you won’t see them in the usual control panel. To do this right click on the app to uninstall and click the trash can icon.

For a more in-depth guide on Windows 8 please download our short document here.

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